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Company Overview

Our technology transforms hydrocarbon waste into renewable commodity products.

Ecolomondo is selling turnkey facilities using technology based on the Thermal Decomposition Process, also called TDP. Our technology is proprietary, green and responds to today’s environmental challenges created by inefficient management of hydrocarbon waste.

Today, hydrocarbon waste represents approximately 34% of all landfilled waste. The most common types of hydrocarbon waste are tires, rubber, plastics, asphalt roof shingles, automobile shred residue and disposed diapers. Even though TDP will process all types of hydrocarbon waste, Ecolomondo has begun to commercialize by marketing turnkey facilities for scrap tires.

Rigorous Research and Development performed by our qualified team of professionals along with a dedicated and effective management have positioned Ecolomondo to be a major industry player.

Our Vision

For over 25 years we have overcome all of the technological challenges created by hydrocarbon waste. Our motivation was and is the result of our commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable planet by reducing and recycling hydrocarbon waste.

While our focus has been and is on our technology, we believe in our corporate commitment to society, and for this reason, we have adopted the triple bottom line approach to business, focusing on people, planet and profit.

Our Core Values


Environmental and Social Statements

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