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Audit Committee | Compensation Committee

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee reports to the Board of Directors as it deems appropriate and as the Board may request. Our Audit Committee is currently comprised of three board members: Alain Denis, Mario Girard and Michelle Rosa.

Our Board of Directors adopted a written charter for the Audit Committee. According to the charter, our Audit Committee is responsible for, among other matters: (1) appointing, retaining, terminating, and evaluating our independent registered public accounting firm and approving all services to be performed by them; (2) overseeing our independent registered accounting firm’s qualifications, independence and performance; (3) overseeing the financial reporting process and discussing with management and our independent registered public accounting firm in the interim and annual financial statements that we file with governmental authorities and shareholders; (4) reviewing and monitoring our accounting principles, accounting policies, financial and accounting controls and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; (5) establishing procedures for the confidential anonymous submission of concerns regarding questionable accounting, internal controls or auditing matters; and (6) reviewing and approving certain related person transactions. The Audit Committee is also responsible for the application of the Company’s Whistleblower Policy.

Compensation Committee 
Our Board of Directors has appointed two independent Directors to serve as members of our Compensation Committee: Alain Denis, Joseph Sorella and Michelle Rosa Its primary purpose is to assist our Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities and to make recommendations to our Board of Directors with respect to the compensation of our Directors and executive officers. Independent consultants may also be periodically retained to assist the Compensation Committee in fulfilling its responsibilities when needed.