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Elio Sorella, B.Com.Chairman of the Board and CEO
  • Chief Executive Officer for 18 years at Futurplast Extrusions, a leading plastic extrusion company in North America specializing in acrylic tubes, rods and profiles
  • Chairman and CEO of the Sorella Group
  • Experience in textiles, cosmetics, real estate, plastic extrusion, transport and private equity
Jean Francois Labbé, M.B.A., LL.M.Chief Operating Officer
  • Strategy consulting manager with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and SECOR
  • Special Assistant to the Canadian Minister of Finance and of Regional Development of Canada
  • Counsel for Hydro-Quebec
  • Founding President of Recycor, a former leading Canadian scrap tire recycler
Donald Prinsky, CPA, CA.Chief Financial Officer
  • 2010 –2014 Chief Financial Officer of Ecolomondo (reappointed in Jan 2015)
  • 2004 –2010 Founder of Donald Prinsky Consulting Services
  • 1969 –2004 Richter LLC (named partner in 1979)
Jose Luis Quiros, Eng., M.B.A.Director of Operations
  • Process Chemical engineer for over 20 years
  • General manager of the largest tire producer in Cuba and, previously, of a tire retreading plant
Ahmed Kamar, Ph.D.Director Automation
  • Automation engineer for 10 years with G.E. Industrial Systems
  • Designed control system integration and process automation for several Fortune 500 companies
  • Over 30 scientific articles in specialized journals
Hugo Morin, Eng. Director Engineering
  • Industrial engineer for biotech and waste-to-energy companies including PGNature and Biofour
  • Experienced in design, manufacture, installation and management of waste processing equipment