TDP’s Highlights

  • A green technology
  • Produces quality commodity end-products at lower cost
  • Technology that has a global need
  • Generates higher added value from waste
  • Cleaner and more sustainable
  • Already scaled to industrial size
  • Low capital cost per ton of capacity
  • Abundance of feedstock
  • Carbon credits and tipping fees

Competitive Advantages


  • Industrial production yields
  • Efficient process parameters
  • Automated and operationally secure
  • Energy self-sufficient
  • Low emissions
  • Post-processing improves consistency and quality of end-products


  • Green and sustainable
  • Everything is recycled
  • End-products will replace virgin materials at a cheaper cost
  • Global markets for end-products
  • Low production costs
  • Carbon credits


  • Abundant
  • Collection is well organized
  • Feedstock available in large quantities
  • Current regulations support green tech
  • Tires yield a higher rate of carbon black (the most valuable end-product)
  • Tipping fees

TDP Turnkey Facilities’ Production Yields

Over 1.5 billion tires are achieving their end-of-life each year throughout the world

Purchasing a Turnkey Plant

Our marketing strategy:

Our 4-Step Program:

Construction and Commissioning

We will use an engineering firm for EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning) with a commitment for a firm timeline for delivery. Delivery for a TDP turnkey facility should take between 10-12 months once the Notice to Proceed is received.

After-market Services

Ecolomondo offers a complete set of after-market services such as technology upgrades, engineering, training, IT updates and technical support, including a full assortment of spare parts, optional equipment, extended warranties and service contracts.

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Quality Commodity End-Products

Using tire waste as feedstock, TDP produces carbon black, oil, steel and gas. They are quality products and able to replace virgin commodities in many manufacturing applications at a cheaper cost. Because of our process optimization and automation, TDP has high production yields of carbon black substitute, the most valuable end-product. TDP’s carbon black is green, more sustainable and will most certainly improve the global carbon footprint.

Our Key Markets

Clients for TDP turnkey facilities will come from the public or private or sector. They will consist of industry groups, such as municipal waste facilities, landfill operators, licensees, entrepreneurs, waste processors and recyclers.

A new market that is now evolving for Ecolomondo is the “Manufacturers’ Responsibility Program” (MRP) or “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR). Governments and industries have begun to implement this type of program, whereby manufacturers are responsible to take back and dispose of the products they manufacture that have achieved their end-of-life.

Comments from Industry Experts

Our solution has been studied by two renowned technical institutes from Canada: Polytechnique Montreal (Chemical Engineering Department); affiliated with the University of Montreal and by University of Western Ontario (Institute for Chemicals and Fuels From Alternative Resources). Independent industry experts have also reviewed TDP’s technology, performed mass balance audits and confirmed the quality of TDP’s end-products. These references and the reports are available if you contact us at

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